The Lox+Savvy collection of cards and paper goods started with this life-long love of paper, design and printing, and the passion to want to produce quality paper based stationery collections, which feature some form of a renewable resource throughout each range.


Founded by paper lover & designer and willowing from over 4 generations of printers in the family, Lisa Loxley started lox+savvy paper goods from a passion of all things paper and print.

Fun+quirky, stylish+classic, old+new, Lox+Savvy’s card and stationery collection features a range of unique and creative designs that venture from barbershop stripes to hand-sewn buttons.

Lox+Savvy ‘s ever-evolving collection of matching stationery includes: cards + envelopes, paper pockets for journels, wrapping paper, bookmarks, gift tags, put-in-the-pocket note cards, Neon 3*fold shaped cards, note*it paper blocks, vintage thread, notebooks, paper chains + handmade vintage button & buckle cards.

Each limited edition paper good has carefully been made in Sydney Australia, by use of natural materials, paper off-cuts or sourcing paper which has some form of renewable resource. Diversely textured and premium quality paper stocks, papers manufactured through renewable plantation forests or using sustainable forestry practices, teed bold colours, striking lines, eclectic mix of natural fibre fabrics and vintage highlights reflect the spirit of all Lox+Savvy creations.

This hands-on approach to paper goods enables each item to be one of the most unique and closely detailed. Each collection has its own story and mixes the best of vintage style with sleek contemporary lines materializing in beautiful and individual matching sets of paper goods and stationery.  

Lox+Savvy’s collections/11
are inspired by 80’s neons, colourful pastels, 60’s geometric shapes, textured paper stocks and our obsession with simplicity! New collections include black & white hues, symmetry and shapes, strong fluoro colours, pastel coloured pads, quirky new paper goods which all have a form of a renewable resource within each of them.